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Working from Home


We have developed a set of tools to facilitate the transition to the culture of teleworking and business continuity under the highest security standards when sharing data or files, with this solution it is possible to count working hours and record the attendance of staff , create virtual offices and integrate all areas of the organization remotely.


We made possible the access to virtual offices created by the different areas of the company within the same platform with access configurations to the equipment defined by the managers of the organization, it is possible to communicate through messages, video calls, meeting recordings, emails.

Attendance Control is now integrated into your virtual office and can be done through a mobile application. We make it easy to keep your collaborators connected with their responsibilities in adopting the new culture.

We make sure that files are sent safely, our suite of solutions is cloud-based with default settings and security policies, now it is possible to gain control of the business through a web portal.

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The transfer of shared files in cloud-based technologies gives you security and the possibility of editing various members of the team in real time, the company controls and has access to shared files in the cloud, forget the schedule limitations, define your processes collaborative and start living the experience that will optimize your operating costs and improve the experience that your client receives.


Know and calculate the productive working hours of your work team, assign new schedules and make the most of the skills of your collaborators. Define the rules! Keeping control of the operation at a distance is now much easier.

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