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Integrated System for Administrative Management, Accounting for Companies

Your administrative processes can now function in a web environment with exclusive access, through a solid tool that integrates administrative, inventory and accounting processes, which allows you to manage the commercial activity of any company in multiple companies and currencies.

It also has a graphical, friendly and flexible interface based on the cloud, in this way the scope for accessing your information to the members of the organization is expanded securely, with dynamic presentations to obtain the necessary data for the taking managerial decisions.

With different sections in the configuration module so as not to limit the specific needs of each of the organizations and the personalized adjustment according to the scope and preferences of the same, in the operating module it has the options of registration of purchases, inventory, sales and reports with fields that allow specifying the details in each of them, in the financial module it is possible to view the updated information in real time of accounts receivable and payable, bank movements and cashier operations, in the administrative module they are recorded the accounting years and the system is integrated:

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