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Network Administration and Service Outsourcing

The technological base of all organizations begins with the union of several computers and communication components, to share processes and information that complement and collaborate in the development of management in the different areas of the organization, with the intention of energizing the institutions and Business.

Network Administration is a set of techniques that tend to keep computers, servers, printers, communication equipment and all electronic peripherals used to manage and streamline the activities that define the business operational, efficient, safe and constantly monitored.

Deciding on the outsourcing of services provides continuous improvement and the solution of internal management problems, the right decisions improve the use of resources and improves the profitability of the company by improving collection mechanisms. In addition to ensuring secure network or na controlling unauthorized access and minimize service disruptions to users.

At ASP Technology Group we have professionals certified in these technologies and with more than ten years of experience in outsourced network administration. This allows talents within companies to focus on their management, without diverting their attention from activities that do not add value to the core of the business.


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