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Our experience serves as a support to innovate educational spaces

Technology for Education, within everyone's reach

Remote learning with Microsoft

The world is changing faster than ever, and with it the skills students will need to be prepared for real life after graduation. With affordable, easy-to-manage technology that transforms time spent in the classroom, educators can focus on delivering a personalized experience that contributes to better learning outcomes.

Adoption of a virtual classroom
Creating an online classroom is an essential step in adopting a remote learning environment. Microsoft Teams for Education is a free platform for schools and universities and provides an online classroom that enables students and teachers to find new ways to stay focused on learning.


Student-centered teachers

We put an effort so that teachers can prepare, design, evaluate, follow and analyze, giving them more time so that they can focus on the most important thing: the students.

Prepare the Classroom
Whether you're scheduling tasks, distributing content, or managing homework, preparation takes time. This is done more efficiently with Sway, OneNote, and Teams.

Teaching and evaluation
We facilitate the understanding of the processes that favor the objective creation of rubrics or evaluation criteria for assignments. It also has OneNote class notebooks inside Teams, which is a replacement for the traditional notebook, making it portable.


We provide students with new levels of collaboration

Through Microsoft Teams, using tools such as chat, file co-authoring, which allows the same document to be edited by several users at the same time.

Activities agenda
Keep your subjects up to date, keeping a class calendar, assigned activities, so that nothing happens to you, integrating applications such as Microsoft Planner that allows you to take control of your projects.

Dynamic and interactive chats
Maximize your expression capabilities by formatting the text, including memes, emoticons, files, voice memos and also translates the messages received instantly on a single platform.

Administration of the educational center

Meeting the needs of all students and helping them acquire life skills has never been more important. It provides teachers with tools to help students collaborate, create, find their voice, and develop the skills they will need to succeed in the future.

Professional development and school programs
Microsoft supports schools with free training, resources, and programs that deliver lasting improvements in the learning experience.

With our continuous support, we improve the adoption of new technologies, making deployments in short time, in order to be at the forefront.


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