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FILES @ FOLDERS allows to store the physical documents or folders of the organization in a virtual data repository and then be consulted via the web.

In addition, it integrates the various areas of the organization, such as departments, managements, agencies, branches and personnel, that demand information services, and especially, the management of the images that support the records that are made in the management systems of the company enabling the use of electronic document and file management technology.

With this tool you eliminate data redundancy and process overload on storage.

Searches may be carried out by indexing criteria, words within the context or descriptors, in addition users manage to locate the information when printing, copying or downloading any document, the configuration of user security levels according to the profile is determined by management There is a workflow that is enabled according to a multidirectional communication mechanism.

This application allows you to manage the different processes, facilitates information queries and stores your data, reducing the loss rate of these.


With Document and File Management, users of the application will be able to manage, share the documents and folders that are generated in the organization, so that the information can be seen by more than one person at a time according to the defined criteria.


In addition, documents and folders are not exposed to the wear and tear that can be caused by the handling of them by people, it is important to highlight that searches for information can be carried out by people who need them without the need for intermediaries.

In this way the physical spaces for the storage of folders and documents are reduced within organizations because the information can be seen from the Web.


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