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Get to know our portfolio of services:

Migration of OnPremises Servers to Azure

Take physical and virtual servers from the OnPremises platforms and take them to the different Azure loads, making the design and architecture in Azure to receive the services.


The cost of this solution will depend on the load of services to take to the cloud, which can be fragmented by hours worked.

SQL Server Database Migration to Azure

By providing this service, we make a diagnosis of your business database, and we determine with which of the three options in Azure it can be transformed. This project is also sized according to the working hours and the cost per hour would be as follows.

Deploying Windows Virtual Desktop to Azure

Create virtual desktops of jobs in Azure that can consume both OnPremises and Azure services. The cost of the deployment of the solution, including the architecture, is attached below.

Azure Lab Services deployment

Create virtual labs in Azure that can be used by educational institutions to replace their physical labs.

The price shown here is only for the deployment of the Lab Services infrastructure, not including the applications that the institution already has.

Infrastructure Deployment for SAP (includes Hana)

Deploy the server infrastructure required for the installation of SAP Hana on Azure. Our company is not in charge of installing SAP, but we do accompany the SAP business partner in the deployment.

Deployment of Azure Monitor, Log Analytics, Sentinel, and Security Center

After the server infrastructure has been deployed in Azure, its monitoring and security are necessary. This is how we complement the migration service by adding the Azure Monitor components,


Log Analitycs, Sentinel, and Security Center. The cost of this project depends on what the client wants to see and is offered by the hour as shown below.

Dynamics 365 CRM deployment

We have the knowledge to make Dynamics 365 CRM deployments with all its modules included.

Deployment of Dynamics 365 Business Central Essentials (does not include project management and human resources).

We have experience in the deployment of Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Dynamics 365 Business Central Premium deployment (includes project management and human resources).

We have experience in the deployment of Dynamics 365 Business Central.

SharePoint Online

Intranet development with SharePoint OnLine and its integration with workflow and electronic forms.

Application Modernization with Azure technology

We work with companies to modernize their applications, using Azure Web App components, Azure Congnitive Services, Azure Video Indexer, Azure Serch, Azure Maps, Azure Data Factory, Azure Functions, and Azure Events. We combine all these events to develop modern and advanced solutions. These projects are offered by development hours as shown below.

Reports and Data Analysis with Power BI

Development for smart decision making with Power BI, projects offered by the hour.

Office 365 management and migration

We can migrate and manage Office 365 subscriptions, the price of this project is based on the hours

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